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Brown Suspenders

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70% elastodiene 30% polyester
Made in Europe
Hand wash only
STYLISH: Classic Y back for casual, formal or business wear. Stand out from the crowd and know your trouser pleats remain precisely aligned. City gent attire for the fine dresser.
COMFORT: Easily adjustable, snug fit, with premium elastic, helps you wear your trousers looser knowing they will stay in place throughout the day.
POSTURE: Improved by eliminating pressure on abdomen vs a belt.
QUALITY MADE: Fine solid workmanship, made to last. Created with comfort in mind.
DETAILS: European made. Max. length 117 cm, width 3.5 cm. One size fits 150 190 cm tall

First impressions count, so, cut a dash across the office floor or the city cocktail bar wearing these dandy men’s braces, presented here by “Bow Tie House”. Pull back those strong shoulders, draw out your chest and breathe deeply like a real man, knowing how such classic styled suspenders accentuate the masculine lines of your torso.

Feeling dapper and lush, and fully supported while others watch knowing they are inadequately dressed wearing only mundane belts, you look slick and meaningful, ready to impress. “Bow Tie House” men’s suspenders look polished, nicely detailed yet heavy duty and make a solid statement; you take time with your appearance and you mean business! Let people see how you dare to flare!

Once these easily adjustable braces grip on to your trousers (in a caring way) you are guaranteed that your pants won’t come down, not unless you have occasion to do so, of course. You may find yourself walking confidently around without a jacket, even in sub zero temperatures, just to show off your new stripes, stripes you’ve earned. Go and enjoy them! Bring a bit of elegance to the world, it needs men like you.

A great gift for Father’s Day or to add a bit of class to your loved one’s wardrobe.

Technical Specifications:

* 70% polyester and 30% elastodiene.
* Max. length 116 cm, width 3.5 cm. One size fits 150 190 cm tall.
* Fully adjustable and stretchy for a secure, comfortable fit.
* Made in Europe * Y Shaped back with Robust Gator Clips

Sliding Length with Adjustable Elastic for Extra Comfort, Flexible, Strong and Stretchy, Y Shaped with Robust Gator Clips to Keep Your Trousers in Place. Well built, Heavy Duty and Stylish. Available in brown, red, black, milk, grey, and black red colors.

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.