Christmas Toys Red Bow Tie

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100% gabardine
Made in Europe
Emphasize your individuality and singularity. Christmas pattern.
Please see description for available sizes.
Fine workmanship from the Europe and made to last all weathers.
Smart Size Suitable for Adults and Children
Fully Adjustable to fit neck sizes from 10 inches to 21 inches can be adjusted to fit kids to adults.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is through the window because people all over the world will celebrate beginning of New Year so soon. Everyone is waiting for something special and great. Everyone also wants that all bad things change on better and happiest. Brand “Bow Tie House” can begin your improvements right now. The best house of essential accessories helps you to change not just a look for Christmas holidays, but your mind and attitude for life. The wide range of accessories, especially bow ties, is presented in different colors and patterns, so don’t doubt, that new purchase can make a harmony inside and outside of your body. If you hadn’t chosen the topic of your holiday’s bow tie yet, look, please, at this one. The simple Christmas’ pattern is mixed with expressive amazing color. You will stand out from big mass with this interesting bow tie.
The bow tie is easy in use and is suitable for adult and children. It has universal size:

Small size for children, kids, babies, 9*5 cm (3.54 in*1.96 in)
Medium for teens and adults XS, S, M body constitution 11*6 cm (4.33 in*2.36 in)

Nice bow ties and its Christmas pattern are made in Ukraine. Combination of red color and typical Christmas’ symbols like a big present, pretty decorated fir tree or Santa’s sled make your look elegant and festive in the same time. Don’t think so long. It’s time for action.

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.