Cloud Grey Suspenders Y-Shaped 13/8

Cloud Grey Plaid Men's Suspenders

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Materials: Swiss Jacquard blended elastic with a unique textured pattern. Adjustable clips and buckles are made in Poland and sewn together by hand.

Gift Packaging: Our men's suspenders are packed in a Premium Gift Box made of beige craft carton, and it's ready to be gifted. You can't get wrong with handmade.

Specifications: Jacquard elastic suspenders go in 1 3/8" wide and 47" long. It has grip teeth on clips and adjustable buckles. They are long enough to fit perfectly even on tall men up to 6ft 3in height.

Comfort & Posture: Easily adjustable, snug fit, with premium elastic, helps you wear your pants looser knowing they will stay in place throughout the day. Improved by eliminating pressure on abdomen vs. a belt.

Gentry Style: Classic Y-back shaped braces for formal or business wear. Stand out from the crowd and know your trouser's pleats remain precisely aligned. City gent attire for the fine dresser.