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Crape Dark Green Bow Tie

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EXCELLENCE PLUS: Our Dark Green bow tie can be worn immediately, and 8 layers of fabric keep their shape perfectly even after washing. Handmade seams of the bow tie are not visible and strong. The fabric of the bowtie called crape (crepe) and it's 100% polyester composition. There are no pills after a long time wearing and the bow tie doesn’t lose a shade of color and saturation. You will always be satisfied, handsome and confident with this Dark Green bow tie. You found what you were looking for!
OCCASSION: You can wear a Dark Green bow tie not only in everyday life, but also at a wedding, bachelor party, dress for prom or birthday, for a business meeting, corporate party or special occasion, but you will always be appropriate to look in a classic Dark Green bowtie. The formal solid Dark Green bow tie is suitable for men, guys, women and children, it is combined with different shirts, suits, vests, tuxedos and suspenders and easily fits any formal, professional or business look.
PRE-TIED & ADJUSTABLE: Tired of looking for boring video tutorials how to tie a bow tie? Our Pre-Tied bow tie is ready to brighten any day. For the first time in the world, our bow tie's hardware can be moved anywhere on the strap for your convinience, with a perfect pre-tied knot in place. The strap is suitable for necks of all sizes from 8 to 21 inches. The position of the clips can be adjusted easily for your convenience.
TIMELESS: The bow tie is durable, easy to use, no special cares needed. The fabric shines slightly, easily holds its shape, does not deform, is dense but soft, resistant to stains, stains are easy to remove and the bow tie does not change his size over time. Soft Crape fabric look expensive and it is. It softer than gabardine. There are no ways that satin bow tie could look better! Our premium bow ties are made with a material on which the colors remain saturated over time and after washing.
VARIETY: The brand Bow Tie House has the largest variation in colors that will help you choose the right shade for your event. Only in this collection are presented 40 colores and 25 more colors of the same high-quality under the listing in the product description, there are other kinds of fabric, such as - silk, gabardine, linen, satin, burlap, leather bow ties in 20 colors each, that are suitable for men, guys, women, and children. We have as many red shades as you can imagine.