Grapes Bow Tie

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100% gabardine
Made in Europe
Hand wash only
A glass of wine bow tie pattern.
Fully Adjustable to fit neck sizes from 10 inches to 21 inches can be adjusted to fit kids to adults.
Size: Length 11 cm ( 4.33 inches) Width 6 cm (2.36 inches)
Smart Size from children up to XS, S, M, Male and Female
Pre tied handmade bow tie. Great for a party.

If New Year, Christmas’ holidays and coming parties are the way to show your good sense of humor or present your special taste, then this funny colored bow tie helps you feeling on the top of the world. Lots of red, white and blue are brightly and original. The bow tie has traditional new years’ pattern but it is unique too. Besides, most of all are depends on you. Any clothes or accessory will be good for you, but just the one can be the best, the one that can make you more confident. Bowtie with a Glass of wine and bottle of wine red grapes pattern is a good choice not for a big party, but also for celebrating for two persons. Brand “Bow Tie House” guaranteed that this bow tie makes your feeling great and cheerful mood. Next reason why you have to buy this red white blue little wonder is that of its characteristics. First of all, the bow tie has got a universal size, what is suitable for adults and children. It has length 11.0 cm (4.3 inches and width 6 cm (2.36 inches). It is also made in Ukraine. And it is suitable for any informal occasion. Remember, that sometimes the simplest things are the best.

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.