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Penguin Bow Tie

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100% gabardine
Made in Europe
Emphasize your individuality and singularity.
Fine workmanship from Ukraine and made to last all weathers.
Please see description for available sizes.
Smart Size Suitable for Adults and Children.
Fully Adjustable to fit neck sizes from 10 inches to 21 inches can be adjusted to fit kids to adults.

Sleepy fall and cold winter are always come with chilly and frozen weather in one hand and with happy Christmas holidays in another. “Bow Tie House” always carefully and with love thinks about their clients and now brand presents the new line of handmade bow ties with unique smiley penguin pattern. Bow ties are easy in using and are suitable for adults and children. Pretty colorful penguins with bright green hats, red white scarves combined with snowflakes and aquamarine color reminds you of New Year party and presents soon.

Don’t be boring and buy this handmade pre tied penguin’s bow tie for all members of your family and you will change your life twice at one time. First of all, you won’t worry about the holidays, because you’ll nice accessory and the second – you can make a party even if you will celebrate it on three persons. With this bow tie your kid, unfortunately, can impress everyone includes their classmates and headmaster and you can easily impress your colleagues either boss. So, don’t waste your time and change your routine to a great party.

Pre tied Penguin bow ties are made in Europe and have following characteristics:

Small for babies, infants, newborns, toddlers, preschoolers, kids, children up to 6 years old 9*5 cm (3.54 in*1.96 in)
Medium for children, kids, boys, girls, teens, tweens, preteens, grade schoolers, youth, young adults, adults, women, men and XS, S, M body constitution 11*6 cm (4.33 in*2.36 in)

The bow ties had the unisex pattern and pre tied shape.

Because of all our bow ties handmade, we want to apologize that some colors are not in stock.

Each bow tie made of gabardine material, which consists of polyester fibers. Polyester is a synthetic fiber derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum.
Metal clips are covered with plastic externally, it protects from rusting after wash.

Also, in our store we have: satin, linen, cotton, gabardine, silk, burlap, velvet and wooden bow ties. Pre tied and Self Tie shapes. Solid and Patterned colors.

The bow tie had a simple hook and regulator.

The first maximize a strap and wrap around the neck;
The second hook from two sides;
The third spin adjustable part by the regulator from another side.
Well done! So easy, isn`t it?

Any types of cleaning are allowed.

Machine wash
Hand wash
Dry clean

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.