Polar Bear Bow Tie

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100% gabardine
Made in Europe
Hand wash only
Polar bear winter pattern pre tied shape bow tie
Smart Size Suitable for Adults and Children
Unique Pattern

Winter’s holidays are so wonderful and unusual at the same time. It is cold weather, but great feelings, because of New Year and new changes. We can start changing our clothes and holidays’ accessory for the meeting our first night in a New Year. It is so wonderful to be special and the prettiest in the New Year night. Traditional fireworks and New Year tree patterns make you tired and you want to have something another and unusual? Ok. Our brand helps you right now to solve this problem. How about a polar bear, the most popular animal in a cold winter season? Be sure, this bow tie is really wonderful and it does not look like other usual holidays’ bow ties. Besides, your bow tie can be the easy way to new conversation. Everyone will be interested in your choice. Bow ties have universal size and are suitable for adult and children. It has

Small size for children, kids, babies, 9*5 cm (3.54 in*1.96 in)
Medium for teens and adults XS, S, M body constitution 11*6 cm (4.33 in*2.36 in)

The polar bear bow tie is colored in green blue and also has nice green white trees, which are symbolized happy New Year’s mood with white snow on the trees. Be sure, you won’t regret if you choose this bow tie on your Christmas holidays.

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.