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Polka Dots Brown Suspenders

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70% elastodiene 30% polyester
Made in Europe
Hand wash only
STYLISH: Dots Y back for casual, formal or business wear. Stand out from the crowd and know your trouser pleats remain precisely aligned. City gent attire for the fine dresser.
COMFORT: Easily adjustable, snug fit, with premium elastic, helps you wear your trousers looser knowing they will stay in place throughout the day.
POSTURE: Improved by eliminating pressure on abdomen vs a belt.
QUALITY MADE: Fine solid workmanship, made to last. Created with comfort in mind.
DETAILS: European made. Max. length 116 cm, width 3.5 cm. One size fits 150 190 cm tall.

When pretty appearance, strong shoulders, the ability to take right decisions are combined with the excellent habit to have a wonderful taste of style, isn’t it we call an ideal man?
The man who has all these components achieves better results faster than others. Man is a person which like feels confident and comfortable in all what he does. No doubts, that man’s accessory also has to help to become the best. Accessories are so different. It's could be a watch, jacket or nice shoes, but now we say about something invisible and very comfortable at the same time. How to get convenience, style and confidence can guarantee only a true expert of man’s accessories.
“Bow Tie House” knows all about male’s elegance and presents for your beauty and comfort these great suspenders with many benefits. Firstly, look at its business color and print. It’s suitable for everyday use. Follow characteristics are more expressive. Dots suspenders are made in Europe, which says about the high quality of this good. It has Y back convenience 3 clips. Comfortable dots suspenders are suitable for men 150 190 cm of hight and it has length max 116 cm. Casual heavy duty dots suspenders make your business meeting or any other occasion more comfortable and enjoyable. Besides, don’t forget that firstly meet by clothes.

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.