Red Leather Suspenders with Bow Tie

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100% leather
Made in Europe
Hand wash only
Bowtie size 11*5 cm. neck size 32-52 cm. Any size just chooses your hight from the options.
Made with selected genuine cow leather Y back kind.
Antitrust brass or nickel hardware, elegant straps: 2.5 cm. wide (1.0 inch)
Suspenders suitable for adult, men, women, teenager, children, boys, girls, kids, baby
Highly durable materials and hardware and natural Ukrainian leather.

Real original leather always will be one of the biggest and essential characteristics of stylish. What will be better for one leather accessory? Of course, two leather accessories. Brand “Bow Tie House” presents for you this attractive couple of leather suspenders and leather bow tie. If you want to underline your special taste in casual clothes or look fantastic on the best friend’s party choose this elegant accessory and you’ll get three presents at once. the first you'll get a real leather bow tie. The second natural leather suspenders. Third real comfort. Besides, you can choose color what you like more. It can be black, red or another. All are great, just choose one for yourself. You can choose the accessory to your eyes, to your clothes or to clothes of your lovely partner. This is just your choice. These accessories are made in Ukraine and have highly durable materials and natural Ukrainian leather. Both adults and children can easily use this pretty leather couple. These simple and elegant accessories have followed characteristics. Bowtie is 11 cm (4.33 inches) in length and 5 cm (1.96 inches) in width for neck 32 35 cm. Y back suspenders are suitable for body height 90 195 cm. No doubt about high quality, because the brand is guaranteed highly materials and hardware of these accessories.

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.