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Red-Yellow Slim Suspenders

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70% polyester 30 % elastodiene
Made in Europe
Hand wash only
Fully adjustable and elastic Y Back kind 3 silver clips. Fits all ladies, men, and kids.
Made in Europe European Quality
Great for any trousers, jeans, pants, shorts
One size fits all suitable for 110 185 cm tall
Maximum length 108 cm, width 2.5 cm

Holidays and various parties are knocking in our houses and, of course, are people, who were very busy and didn't think about celebrities, Christmas holidays or even coming happiness. But the time has come and you should get off all bad things in your life and change it on a crazy positive. Try to start from the least thing and choose the prettiest accessory for yourself. And, of course, our brand will help you with this problem in minutes. So, for awesome men who have the nice friendship with stylish men's accessories, "Bow Tie House" presented these cool suspenders. It has a wide range of various colors. So, no doubt, that you can find something for your special person. Solid slim suspenders with 3 clips Y style braces are 2.5 cm in wide. You can choose black, purple, yellow, pink, red, sky blue or green. Every color is special and nice and easy helps you underline your individuality. 3 clips suspenders are made of Poland high quality material. So, a brand is guaranteed High Quality of this item, comfort for your body and, of course, nice look. The accessory is easy to use. It is suitable for any occasion. With this essential man's accessory, you will feel bright, comfortable and more confident everywhere.

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.