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Reusable Beige Linen Face Mask

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COMFORT: All face masks are handmade and designed with comfort in mind. They are breathable and perfectly adaptable to different face shapes and sizes, guaranteeing an ideal accessory to include in your daily routine.

STYLE: Simplicity is the key to style. We pride ourselves in creating essential designs with minimalistic features that anyone can be proud to wear. 

COLOR: The facemasks come in more than 12 unisex and stylish colors to choose from. This way you can pick the ones that best complement your wardrobe.

USES: The use of these reusable masks is completely up to the customer. They can provide better protection to inhibit the transmission of bacteria, contain respiratory droplets from being spread or preventing cleaning products to irritate your skin. 

- 100% linen in 2 layers.
- Comfortable and adjustable fit.
- Face mask washable by hand and hang dry.

- Large for Men - 5.9" x 8.7"
- Medium for Women - 5.3" x 7.5"
- Small for Children - 4.1" x 7.1"

PLEASE NOTE, these cloth face masks are not intended to be used to block all types of bacteria but might help reduce the spreading. This mask is not a medical mask and is not FDA approved. Due to sanitary reasons, all masks are final sale and cannot be returned. Prewash before first use.

Fully produced and crafted in the United States using linen fabric.
Production/processing time 2-4 days. Shipping time 3-5 days.

A classic beige handmade face mask made up of two strong layers of linen fabric. Unisex, stylish design suitable for cycling, running, traveling, climbing, and daily use. This contemporary cloth mask protects you while making you look very stylish and classy. Women, men, kids, teens, preteens, grade schoolers can all enjoy this neutral shade made to delight the whole modern family. Young adults and professionals with a dynamic lifestyle also can benefit from an extra protective layer. A fantastic handcrafted item for the young generation.

Linen fabric can be washed by hand and it dries quicker than cotton, preserving a durable effect and flexibility. Women's masks (5.3" x 7.5"), men's face masks (5.9" x 8.7"), and kid's face masks (4.1" x 7.1") are all contemporary fashion accessory you can wear every day. The double-layer can help protect your mouth and nose while using toxic cleaning products or while out in public. Even though is not intended to protect you from bacteria, it can be a useful hygienical measure to adopt. Always remember to maintain high hygiene while handling the mask and wash your hands before wearing it and taking it off.

Beige is the classic shade that you can't get wrong with. The neutral color of these breathable cloth masks goes perfectly with monochrome and if you want to be totally on-trend, wear it with some neon for a hint of color that will hit the street-style look. Women and men can benefit from this washable and reusable mask when commuting to work or on their journey to the grocery stores. Also, why no gifting this product to someone you love? There's no better way to show someone you care about them! You can't get wrong with a face mask with a neutral shade, everyone love beige.