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Reusable Bright Red Linen Face Mask

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COMFORT: All face masks are handmade and designed with comfort in mind. They are breathable and perfectly adaptable to different face shapes and sizes, guaranteeing an ideal accessory to include in your daily routine.

STYLE: Simplicity is the key to style. We pride ourselves in creating essential designs with minimalistic features that anyone can be proud to wear. 

COLOR: The facemasks come in more than 12 unisex and stylish colors to choose from. This way you can pick the ones that best complement your wardrobe.

USES: The use of these reusable masks is completely up to the customer. They can provide better protection to inhibit the transmission of bacteria, contain respiratory droplets from being spread or preventing cleaning products to irritate your skin. 

- 100% linen in 2 layers.
- Comfortable and adjustable fit.
- Face mask washable by hand and hang dry.

- Large for Men - 5.9" x 8.7"
- Medium for Women - 5.3" x 7.5"
- Small for Children - 4.1" x 7.1"

PLEASE NOTE, these cloth face masks are not intended to be used to block all types of bacteria but might help reduce the spreading. This mask is not a medical mask and is not FDA approved. Due to sanitary reasons, all masks are final sale and cannot be returned. Prewash before first use.

Fully produced and crafted in the United States using linen fabric.
Production/processing time 2-4 days. Shipping time 3-5 days.

Words can't do this Bright Red Linen mask justice. Handcrafted face mask built on two strong layers of linen for an audacious and fiery look. This ultra-chic accessory pairs well with navy blues, bright whites, in chambrays, and denim! It’s an excellent choice for your everyday use.

Create a striking spring and summer look for everyone in the family, choosing from the three sizes available. Kid's face masks (4.1" x 7.1") are made following the universal measuring and are adjustable through the elastic laces behind the ears to also fit the smaller ones. The Women's masks (5.3" x 7.5") in the medium size are a beautiful addition to the ladies' wardrobe, giving out a message of passion and unique personality. This more brave choice will bring your outfit to life and empower you on your journey.

Reusable and washable, this mask can follow you on a broad range of occasions, from your trip to the shops, to pick your kids up from school, or on your commute work. Red can be an intense and dramatic hue, but it can also be chic and romantic. To rock this trend with a feminine and flirty aesthetic, try pairing your favorite red pieces with white or pink fabrics.

Bright red can also fit well in more masculine looks. Men's face masks (5.9" x 8.7") are awesome to pair with darker colors, like navy blue, black or brown. The eye-catching shade would make any man stand out from the crowd. The cloth face masks are easy and quick to handwash and dry, remember to wash more often during the summer months for better hygiene.

Have you thought about gifting this to someone? There is no better way to show your loved ones that you care. Time to sparkle things up with a bright color this summer!