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Silk Black Bow Tie

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100% Silk
Made in Europe
Hand wash only
STYLISH: Timeless classic design for casual, formal, weddings or business wear. For the sophisticated fine dresser.
VERSATILE: Easily adjustable (8 22” neck) and unisex. With the perfect pre tied knot in place. Goes great with collared shirts and tuxedos.
QUALITY MADE: Natural Silk from Italy made in fine workmanship from Ukraine and made to last all weathers.
AMAZING COLOR OPTIONS: Huge range from the subtle to the vivacious, for all occasions.
DETAILS: 100% Silk, hand wash only. Please see the description of available sizes.

A range of lovely 100% Silk bow ties from subtle black through the whole spectrum of colors to match your shirt and for every occasion, from the sensitive funeral to the dapper wedding or prom night.
You can look stylish and beautiful. If you want patterns, we have them too, take a look at our store here. The perfect accessory. A great way to look crisp and swish for that all important meeting.
A great gift for Father’s Day or to add a bit of class to your loved one’s wardrobe.

First impressions count so we want to make sure we have the right size for you. Here is what is available:

Small size for children, kids, babies, 9*5 cm (3.54 in*1.96 in)

Medium for teens and adults XS ,S, M body constitution 11*6 cm (4.33 in*2.36 in)

Large L, XL, XXL body constitution 12.5*6.5 cm (4.92 in*2.56 in)

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.