Striped-Dots Red Suspenders

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70% elastodiene 30% polyester
Made in Europe
Hand wash only
STYLISH: Striped with dots Y back for casual, formal or business wear. Stand out from the crowd and know your trouser pleats remain precisely aligned. City gent attire for the fine dresser.
COMFORT: Easily adjustable, snug fit, with premium elastic, helps you wear your trousers looser knowing they will stay in place throughout the day.
POSTURE: Improved by eliminating pressure on abdomen vs a belt.
QUALITY MADE: Fine solid workmanship, made to last. Created with comfort in mind.
DETAILS: European made. Max. length 117 cm, width 3.5 cm. One size fits 150 190 cm tall.

Have you a classic black or white jacket, costume or any accessories in your wardrobe with these typical colors?
Of course, you have. What about a creative in your everyday life?
Why not introduce more color?
Colors help us to express our feelings and emotions. Red is a good choice. It should be in your wardrobe. If you don’t want to wear red every day, you can choose different colors from variations, such as Grey or Blue. Red color gasps attention immediately, that’s why you can just balance it with many others colors and choose the right color combination or bring a small element of this wine’s color. We offer you High quality Men`s red dots suspenders that have original nickel clips. Dots suspenders would open your potential and underline your individuality. Men`s dots suspenders are maximum suitable for men '6 "3 tall (190 cm). Y Back suspenders have 3 clips attach tightly to any type of trousers. European Quality with maximum length 117 cm guarantees solidity of European elastic material and do not press the belly.

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.