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Wooden Patriotic Bow Tie

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100% wood
Made in Europe
Dry clean only
First impressions count so we want to make sure we have the right size for you.
Smart Size Suitable for Adults and children.
A piece of art. Wooden material Acrylic painted on it. Independence day in America 4th of July celebration.
Easy adjustable pre tied handmade bow tie. Great for United States holidays.
Size: Length 11 cm ( 4.4 inches) Width 4.6 cm (1.86 inches)

New bow tie’s line was born by America’s great magical atmosphere and coming Independence Day. Freedom, liberty or independence is a very important thing for a patriotic person. Designers of new bow tie collection were inspirited by America, its people and coming 4th July celebrating. Making a new accessory’s line and patriotic look has become my feelings to native country and home motives. Liberty passion bow tie is presented in three different variants. United States traditional bow tie with flag pattern is for classical style people. Special flag of America bow tie is designed in unusual art way with a nice red stripe in the middle of the accessory for extraordinary persons. One more print and idea has come with a popular America’s association. Statue of liberty bow tie with original cities images behind is the third patriotic look. These nice bow ties are suitable for coming America’s holiday. It will be stylish all the time because it is made by feelings to the native country for real patriots. Fully Adjustable to fit neck sizes from 10 inches to 21 inches can be adjusted to fit kids to adults.

If you want a big quantity, please write us a message before ordering.